What To Do With A Used Tea Bag

Have you ever wondered what you can do with the used teabags instead of just throwing them into the compost or garbage?  Well so did we and here are a few of the suggestions we have come across over the years. Some tea bags

When on holiday as a child a close friend had an earache, her tea drinking father gave her a cold teabag to put over her ear.  Low and behold the pain went away within a very a short time.

One day whilst at the hair dresser's sitting pretty in the chair, hair dripping, make up slightly smeared looking like something the cat dragged in, the conversation naturally turned to tea.  The hair dresser told me how his family use dried spent tea bags as deodorisers in their cars.

Another friend runs a day care and is unable to put any proprietary creams on the children for bug bites.  So what does she do?  Her tea drinking habits come into their own, any time she drinks tea she saves her bags in a plastic container and then when a child gets a bug bite she puts a wet tea bag on the bite and after a short  while the bite goes down and doesn't itch.

For those of you who feel they have tired looking eyes try putting used tea bags, wet of course, over your eyes and relax.

Your thirsty plants will thank you for any cold tea you water them with.

Why not try this?  Put used tea bags in the bottom of a hanging basket before adding the soil.  When the basket is watered the tea bags will hold the water so that the basket doesn't dry out so quickly.

For the really adventurous, I came across a posting on a site in the UK  where someone was having problems with foxes.  The experiment was to soak tea bags with male urine and place around the garden.  Anyone like to give this a try?  Maybe it'd work with deer. Let us know.

Here are our suggestions do you have any more? Contact us to let us know.