Tea Horror Stories

As I sit here with a very nice cup of decaffeinated English breakfast tea: I'm reminded of places and times when getting a cup of tea the way I like it was like getting blood out of a stone.......

Call this a café?

Desperate for a brew I visited a certain café in a nearby town and asked for a some Assam, the bonus was they knew what I was asking for. But, as they went to put the bag and water into the cup, I spotted teapots sitting on a shelf and asked the server if I could have my tea in a pot.  We don't have any teapots she told me.  I politely pointed out that there were some sitting 2 feet away from her and asked again.  The server replied that she would have to get permission to use them!!!!

After checking with her boss she returned to explain that they were not used as they would have to be cleaned first and their dishwasher (a machine) didn't handle teapots.

I don't go there anymore!!!

Has anyone experienced this?

On another occasion (this time at a popular doughnut and coffee chain) I asked for my usual tea in a pot (which I hasten to add I had had before).  However, this time the highly trained employee didn't even know what a teapot was and asked another highly trained employee who also didn't know what a teapot was.  A third highly trained employee was then asked and kindly took them over to the place where the shiny stainless steel pots sat in a row in full view, that highly trained employee then proceeded to show the other not trainees how to make the tea - first put the milk in the pot, then fill the pot with warm water and put the teabag on the side for the customer to put in themselves.  Yuk!!

In desperation I informed the company. They claimed their policy was to put the milk in the mug, the teabag and hot water go into the pot and pots are always available.  Well, maybe someone needs to inform the highly trained employees.

The same chain a few weeks later - 

Highly Trained Employee: "No we don't have teapots and we don't have decaffeinated tea madam",

Frustrated and Somewhat Sad Customer: "Yes, you do. Just there in the orange box of tea and there are the teapots." 

Highly Trained Employee: "No, we don't.  That's not a teapot."

Frustrated and Somewhat Sad Customer: "That stainless steel item is a pot, and the tea is at the end of the rack of tea boxes.  Please, ask someone."

Highly Trained Employee: "I don't know what those are but they're not teapots madam, and we don't carry decaffeinated tea."

Frustrated and Somewhat Sad Customer: "Just get me a glass of water."

I haven't been back to this chain in 5 years, and intend never to return.

For All Those Tea Servers Who Have No Idea What A Teapot Is Or How To Make Tea

Here's the video for you.  If they could do it in 1941, I'm sure you can do it today.

Your turn:

Do you have any tea horror stories?  We'd love to hear them. Contact us here at Desperate Tea Drinkers.